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after the photo shoot the client will view the unedited images from their session, they will choose which images they would like to have edited. once the images have been edited to the client's requests , they will attend the final viewing consultation, where they will approve the edits and receive their images as jpeg files on a client provided usb drive, ready for uploading.
images will have a watermarking on them. any prints ordered will not have a watermark. edits are not included in the session rates. images edits are $3 for a Basic Edit (exposure and color correction) and $5 for a complex edit (item removal and body shaping). please allow 1 week for editing. time overage will be charged at $75 per 1/2 hour gone over the outlined time. half payments option is available upon request. if a client is unable to make a payment by the outlined time, a late fee will be applied to their balance.
No additional charge for larger groups, addition of pets, reasonable travel expenses, studio lighting set up, backdrop or prop use, or in home sessions.
A.Nice Salon Session
Studio session
senior photo session
Art Replication Session​​​​​​​
Headshot Session
Holiday Photo Sessions
Art Replication Session​​​​​​​ - Reama Schuldt
Halloween Pop Up
Trunk or Treat
Maternity and family session
Holiday Photo Sessions
Family Photo​​​​​​ session
Halloween BackDrop Photo Sessions
 Art Replication - Brittany Campbell
Wedding Session
Business  photo session
Family Photo Session
Newborn photo session
Art Replication photo session
maternity Family photo session
wedding photo session
maternity photo session
wedding photo session
Studio photo session
baby photo sessions
restaurant food photo sessions

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